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Thank you for downloading Good Night On YouTube, thank you.

Some features will be available after purchase Unrestricted InAppPurchase.  List of add-on feature to work here after InAppPurchase


if you will purchase "Unlock Restrictions" In-App Purchase, you can use 11 different voice commands and 24 different conversations in Japanese.

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-Conversation with a girl with speech recognition

Conversation with the girl with the voice recognition works before you buy de-restricted inAppPurchase.
Please promoted as the next step.

  1. You must first download the app, when you start, you will see watches
  2. Advances in settings screen with finger swipe left or right according to the MODE SET * 3 Please dial to the left.
  3. The screen changes to display settings
  4. Press the dictionary file at the bottom button set DL
  5. "Do you want to download?" Appears, select "Yes" and press the download will begin. * Down load application circuit is recommended wifi. Download capacity: 3MB × 2 pieces
  6. Press the DL button at the bottom of the file system configuration
  7. "Do you want to download?" Appears, select "Yes" and press the download will begin. * Down load application circuit is recommended wifi. System files are quite large. Download capacity: 24MB
  8. After the download completes, exit by pressing the Home button once to exit * iPhone apps Press the Home button twice
  9. iPhone, available at * 4-finger swipe on display in the task.
  10. Press and hold the icon in the clock app Moe Kyun (minus icon is displayed, Purupurufuruemasu)
  11. To delete and press the red minus icon
  12. To start the app by pressing the icon Moe Kyun clock app
  13. What time is it now? Please try to hear! * Unrestricted conversation prior to purchase inAppPurchase are compatible with the time-only queries.
    Conversation list corresponding to the inAppPurchase after purchase, please click here
    Press the padlock at the top of the screen, you can purchase inAppPurchase at any time.


・Alarm clock

Snooze Alarm 1 is about three times every 30 seconds Snooze Alarm 2 will continue indefinitely every 30 seconds (from stronger voice alarm alarm 1) The waking up is worse, it is useful to keep two sets the alarm for 5 minutes to 10 minutes after the alarm 1. When the screen is turned OFF ALARM MODE SET, stops the snooze alarm is released.

*An easy way to screen * MODE SET

Swipe with three fingers (next to sliding) or that the "screen settings" MODE SET screen say. Screen MODE SET, swipe one finger (next to sliding) or that the "back" and say, watch the screen to return to.

*Note * When used as alarm clock

When used as an alarm clock, you still keep charging, please keep it fully charged. (To not run out of battery while sleeping).



You can talk to the microphone when the mark on the SNOOZE / LIGHT button.

Mike - ready to recognize the conversation

考え中In thought - in the process of speech recognition

In utterance - the utterance of a girl

Mike stop - does not recognize the conversation state


・InAppPurchase Purchasing

When you press a key on the top mark, "unrestricted" purchase add-on window appears.

<So now charged with the unrestricted purchase add-on application, you can choose following 6 points>

  1. Features Talk (non-contact hour speech in Japanese Type / 24) * Each additional plans to upgrade!
  2. Alarm Voice Alarm (2 types)
  3. Watch the background characters (three types)
  4. Character Voice (Tsundere, natural Dojitsu children, four of the normal).
  5. Sleep Timer (3 types)
  6. Voice (voice) command was run (6 types)


・YouTube Play

YouTube account is required to play on YouTube. Please leave your Mac or PC to sign up in advance. Safari (browser) and your application was registered on YouTube "Playlists" continuous play. Once you have set the SLEEP TIMER MODE SET screen night before, and video playback will stop after a set time. Such as when falling asleep, if you want to play again, a re-operation back to the list of names from a playlist, you can resume playback. After * SLEEP TIMER, I do not play video name in the list by pressing the video, please note. If NONE, until the video playback stops when the end of the playlist.


・Background execution support

Moe Kyun clock app is, iPhone apps are running and other sleep (lock screen) even when running in the background. Even when no apps are displayed in front of Moe Kyun watch, talk, time signal, alarm, and timer functions will work. The background running, the status bar instead of a red iPhone, "Moe Kyun Clock (recording)" is displayed. YouTube is not compatible with playing in the background run. Running background, status bar instead of red iPhone, "Moe Kyun watch (while recording)" is displayed. Appears on the front of the app when you tap the status bar when running background. Video Play * Safari, YouTube app, iPod (music) applications, such as when you run a video app, Moe Kyun running background apps will stop. If the clock app in the background during the speech Moe Kyun * does not work in the background.


-Japanese Conversations and commands can be recognized *We plan to add up each version!

・Time of query



・Check the alarm set time


・Set the timer


・MODE SET to screen


・Back to main clock



・YouTube Views





・Casual conversation























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